Getting Started with Nevada Silver State Stars

The Nevada Department of Education, through the Office of Early Learning and Development have implemented the Nevada Star Quality Initiative, Nevada Silver State Stars, the state's Quality Rating and Improvement System.

A Quality Rating and Improvement System is a method to assess, improve and communicate the level of quality in early childhood programs. The Silver State Stars assigns a rating, from 1 to 5 stars, to each site, to assist parents in finding a quality care provider for their child.

Programs that volunteer to participate are assessed by trained and experienced assessors. After a program has been assessed, they work with a coach to draft and implement a plan to help them improve their quality. Programs may work with their coach for up to 18 months prior to receiving their star rating.

Any program that receives one star or more reflects a program with a commitment to quality. A program with a star rating shows parents and potential parents that they are exceeding standards and are committed to excellence.

Programs that are interested in being star-rated should contact the Office of Early Learning and Development.

Getting Started

Becoming a Star Program is easy.

All programs must begin with an Introduction to Nevada’s Silver State Stars QRIS training.

This training is a requirement for centers interested in participating in Nevada’s Silver State Stars QRIS. This training is opened only to center directors, administrators, and owners. Participants attending this training will learn how to use the QRIS to improve the quality of their center, how to apply for coaching and a program-improvement grant, and the steps needed to become rated. Participants will also be given an overview of the Environment Rating Scales (ERS) and how they are used as part of the QRIS.

For training and registration information, please visit The Nevada Registry's website and search for an Introduction to Nevada’s Silver State Stars QRIS training in your area.

Benefits of becoming a Star program

  • Provides programs with a road-map, access to support, and resources to insure program improvement
  • Recognizes programs for their strengths while helping them improve where needed.
  • Provides financial incentives to programs who meet higher standards of quality
  • Integral to a quality rating and improvement system is a comprehensive and coordinated development system which: benefits professionals in all setting and responds to the needs of professionals at all levels, from entry- level assistants to multi-site administrators.