Nevada Silver State Stars QRIS Models

Center Model

Required Criteria for Center Model

All programs at all star levels

  • Must be in good standing with child care licensing, or if licensed exempt with their regulatory body.
  • Must be registered with the child care subsidy program
  • Administrators and a percentage of staff (depending on star level) must have written professional development plans.

In addition, at a 2 – 5 star levels

  • 25 – 100 % (depending on star level) of classrooms must meet nationally recommended group sizes and teacher to child ratios.

In addition, at a 3 – 5 star levels

  • Programs must score satisfactorily (depending on star level) on the Environment Rating Scales, which is the formal assessment used for Nevada’s Silver State Stars.
  • Directors must meet educational requirements (amount of college education that must be met depends on star level)

In addition, at a 5 star level    

  • Program must be nationally accredited by an approved accrediting body or meet national Head Start standards.

 Quality Indicators

Nevada’s Silver State Stars QRIS Licensed Center Model requires programs to meet additional quality indicators in four categories:

  • Policies & Procedures
  • Administration & Staff Development
  • Health & Safety
  • Families & Community

2- star programs must meet 4 additional (16 total) quality indicators in each of the four categories

3- star programs must meet 8 additional (32 total) quality indicators in each of the four categories

4-star star programs must meet 12 additional (48 total) quality indicators in each of the four categories

5- star programs must be nationally accredited thus they have met the majority of additional quality indicators.


Family Child Care Model

The Family Child Care Model has been launched with a limited number of family child care program participation in Southern Nevada. 

Northern Nevada will begin with a limited number of proagrms July 2017.


Local Education Agency (LEA) [District] Model

The District Model has been launched for schools receiving the federal Pre-K Development Grant (Nevada Ready!).  Due to funding restrictions, it is not available to all Pre-K classrooms at this time.

Staff Orientation to Nevada Silver State Stars QRIS


Tribal Model

The Tribal Model is currently under development.


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