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Mental Health Consultation, Supports, Training and Technical Assistance

Early Childhood Mental Health Services (ECMHS) - Southern Nevada

ECMHS offers observations/feedback to QRIS affiliated child care centers/programs within Southern NV regarding children with behavioral, social, and/or emotional difficulties in the classroom setting.  They provide consultations to the teachers and parents/families for children birth through kindergarten, inclusive of recommendations to support stabilizing children's placements and/or providing referrals to community resources for children and their families.  ECMHS also offer trainings for child care staff, and for paernts/families regarding mental health of young children.  The ECMHS can also provide training and support to child care programs in achieving the standards of QRIS.  ECMHS is supported by a Federal Grant, so all services are free!  For more information or to learn more about how ECMHS can support you, please call 702-486-7764.

Nothern Nevada Child and Adolescent Services - Early Childhood Mental Health Services (ECMHS)

Providing community-based mental health services, targeted case management, child care consultations, and day treatment services for children from birth through age 6.  Similar to the services stated above, for more information or to learn more about how ECMHS can support you, please call 775-688-1600.